Tailored Insurance Solutions to Protect Your Home

Are you a homeowner, renter, or mobile homeowner in Gastonia, Forest City, or Shelby, NC, seeking to protect your home and property? At A1 Insurance Coverage, we understand that your home is not just a property—it’s an investment, a sanctuary, and the place where memories are made. We’re committed to helping you safeguard your most valuable assets with tailored insurance solutions designed to meet your unique needs.

Protecting Your Home and Property in North Carolina

A home isn’t just a building. It’s where you and your loved ones build a future. As an independent insurance agency, A1 Insurance provides comprehensive insurance solutions that offer peace of mind.

Our experts work to ensure you’re covered against unexpected events like fires, natural disasters, or injuries on your property. But what about routine maintenance or handyman services?

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Handyman Services?

Homeowners insurance primarily covers unexpected events like fires, theft, and natural disasters. Routine maintenance, such as handyman services, usually falls outside the scope of standard homeowners’ insurance. It’s essential to consult your agent and review your policy to understand exactly what’s covered and what isn’t.

  • Handyman services are considered routine maintenance and are not covered as unexpected damages.
  • Policies often exclude repairs and services provided by handymen unless it’s due to a covered event.
  • Always clarify your policy details with your agent to know precisely what’s included.

If a Roofer Falls Off My Roof, Am I Liable?

Liability in such cases depends on the roofer’s insurance status. If the roofer or contractor is uninsured or lacks workers’ compensation, the homeowner might be liable. Before beginning any work, verify that your contractor has workers’ compensation and liability insurance. Some homeowners’ insurance policies may provide limited coverage, but it’s vital to confirm the specifics with your agent.

  • Confirm the roofer’s or handyman’s insurance status before hiring them.
  • Liability insurance can offer protection but check with your agent to confirm your coverage.

Other Important Insurance Considerations

  • Renters and Condo Owners Insurance: Protect your belongings and cover potential liabilities with renters or condo owners’ insurance. Whether you need repairs, relocation, or liability coverage, the right policy can make all the difference.
  • Mobile Home Insurance: Mobile homes need special protection due to their unique structure and exposure to different perils. Choose limits that will adequately cover replacement costs if your mobile home is damaged or destroyed.

Confidence in Comprehensive, Affordable Solutions

At A1 Insurance, we’re dedicated to providing comprehensive and affordable solutions for all homeowners in Gastonia, Forest City, and Shelby, NC. We aim to ensure you feel confident knowing that your home and property are fully protected.

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