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Claims Department Phone Numbers:

• Discovery Insurance

• National General Insurance  (Integon National)

• Universal Insurance Company

• Southern General Insurance Company

• Progressive Insurance Company

• Peak Property and Casualty

• Safeco Insurance Company

• Travelers Insurance Company

• Universal Property and Casualty

• Foremost Insurance Company

• Lloyds of London           (Must See Agent In Office to File Claims)

What To Do In Case Of An Accident:

You will be assisted by an insurance claims professional to reach a rapid resolution to your claim. Please be mindful of the following guidelines when you have a claim:

• Notify the authorities immediately. Protect yourself and your family with all the facts and a police report.

• Do not discuss details of your accident with anyone other than the proper authorities or your insurance representatives.

• Protect your property from any further damage.

• Contact your company directly.

(800) 876-1492

(800) 468-3466

(800) 288-8050

(800) 282-7024

(800) 274-4499

(800) 672-4773

(800) 332-3226

(800) 252-4633

(800) 470-0599

(800) 527-3907

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